How the ferulic acid benefits for your skin?

Ferulic acid, with the chemical name known as 4-hydroxy-methoxy cinnamic acid, is a common phenolic acid in plants. Angelica, ligusticum chuanxiong, equisetum, cohosh and other traditional Chinese medicine contain ferulic acid, is one of the cinnamic acid derivatives. Of course, ferulic acid rarely exists in a free state in plants, but mainly exists in the form of a combination with oligosaccharides, polyamines, lipids and polysaccharides, namely sodium ferulic acid and ferulic acid ester. Ferulic acid is more used as a drug and has been applied in the food industry and cosmetics industry in recent years.

Ferulic acid can be obtained in three main ways:

Plant extraction: Extract ferulic acid from plant materials with high ferulic acid content such as angelica, vanilla bean, wheat bran and rice bran, and then obtain ferulic acid by alkaline hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis.

Chemical synthesis: Vanillin and malonic acid as raw materials through kno-EVngael reaction synthesis.

Biosynthesis: ferulic acid precursor material is transformed into ferulic acid using some micro-organisms.


Ferulic acid is favored by the cosmetics industry because it has strong antioxidant and scavenging effects of oxygen free radicals can inhibit tyrosinase activity and has the effect of delaying skin aging and whitening skin. In addition, ferulic acid has sunscreen and good UV absorption in the vicinity of 290 — 330 nm, which can prevent and reduce skin damage caused by UV at this wavelength. It has been reported that ferulic acid can inhibit or decrease the proliferation activity of melanocytes, and the number of melanocytes can be reduced from 117±23/mm2 to 39±7/ mm2 by using 0.1-0.5% ferulic acid solution. At the same time, ferulic acid can also inhibit tyrosinase activity, the inhibition rate of tyrosinase activity was up to 86% at the concentration of 5mmol/L ferulic acid solution. Even if the concentration of ferulic acid was only 0.5mmol/L, the inhibition rate of tyrosinase activity could reach about 35%. It is a daily antioxidant that targets signs of aging and discoloration. It also provides advanced environmental protection against photoaging. Here are some benefits of Ferulic Acid: These ingredients provide a protective barrier for the skin.

In addition to helping protect skin from free radical damage, ferulic acid has a number of other benefits, too. It helps neutralize the effects of free radicals and boosts the effectiveness of vitamin E in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is also beneficial for hyperpigmentation, an area that affects skin tone. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce the risk of developing acne.

Ferulic acid is safe for use in cosmetics. Ferulic acid is compatible with all types of skin. Some people may experience allergic reactions if they have sensitive skin. Those with allergic reactions should avoid it completely. It helps protect the skin from UV rays, which cause premature aging. However, it is not suitable for pregnant women. It is best used for preventive skincare measures, such as moisturizing creams or sunblock. You should also consult a doctor before using Ferulic Acid in any type of skincare product. Once you have had the necessary tests, you can use it to treat the symptoms of hypertension and diabetes.

Ferulic acid is a good antioxidant that reduces the pigmentation caused by pimples. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent the development of dark spots. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, ferulic acid can reduce the effects of UV-induced pigmentation. In addition, it helps prevent the appearance of sallow spots and dark circles. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties and protects the skin against UV rays.

The anti-inflammatory effects of ferulic acid can be felt immediately. It can reduce inflammation in the liver and pancreas. Both organs produce insulin and store blood sugar. It can be beneficial in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. When combined with the proper moisturizer, ferulic acid can help reduce the effects of environmental pollutants. So, ferulic acid is an effective natural skincare ingredient. If you’re pregnant, you should consult your doctor first before applying any skin-care products.

Ferulic acid helps fight free radicals. It is an important component of skincare products. It also has anti-aging properties. Its brightening properties are especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. It is also useful in treating acne and improving the skin’s radiance. Ferrulic acid has several other benefits, too. In addition, it is an excellent antioxidant for the skin. Its nutrient content is high, so it improves the body’s immune system.

Ferulic acid has many health benefits. It protects the skin from aging and cancer. It also helps reduce the appearance of brown spots and protects against inflammation. It reduces redness and uneven skin tone. It also helps skin regenerate after the sun’s exposure. It is an antioxidant and protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and infrared rays. It is essential for the prevention of aging and is one of the most beneficial substances for the face.

Besides its antioxidant properties, ferulic acid is also a potent antioxidant. It inhibits the division of cells and thus inhibits cancer cell invasion. Further, it prevents wrinkles. It is also an effective skin toner. While it is an effective ingredient, it may not be suitable for everyone. A person with sensitive skin may not want to apply it without consulting a dermatologist before using it. But if you’re a healthy person, you’ll love the benefits of ferulic acid.

It is important to check with your doctor if you have skin sensitivity. You can buy a variety of ferulic acid products in your local grocery store, although they are not harmful to your skin, they do have a few side effects. Try them out first and see if they have a reaction.  Some people are allergic to the ingredient itself, while others may be allergic to the ferulic acid in the bran. Noting if you do develop an allergy to ferulic acid, you should always consult a dermatologist first.

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