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What are the benefits of pycnogenol (pine bark extract) in skin care?

Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) is an antioxidant that stimulates collagen production. Collagen gives elasticity to the skin, but the production decreases with age. This collagen-boosting action has prompted skincare manufacturers to include pycnogenol in many anti-aging products. Pine bark extract (from Asian Masson pine) is one of the most commonly used formulas.
Many skin care products contain harsh compounds that can irritate sensitive skin, but pycnogenol is gentle and all-natural. pycnogenol is obtained in its natural form from the bark of the French maritime pine.
Several peer-reviewed studies have shown that pycnogenol may be effective in skin care or topical repair. Specifically, pycnogenol has been shown to help increase skin elasticity and smooth skin. In addition, multiple studies have shown that pycnogenol can increase the moisture level in the skin of middle-aged women, and dry skin is often one of the skin care challenges faced by these women. 1 Few other skin care ingredients are as backed by peer-reviewed scientific research as pycnogenol when it comes to helping maintain skin moisture and elasticity.
Like many other effective natural skin care ingredients, pycnogenol is an antioxidant. But why is skin care so chasing antioxidants?
Antioxidants fight compounds called free radicals. Free radicals are known to cause signs of aging, both internally and externally. That’s why pycnogenol can help slow aging and has other health benefits along with other antioxidants.
1. pycnogenol may increase skin elasticity
While wrinkles and fine lines are an unavoidable part of life, age-defying skin care products usually aim to at least slow the loss of elasticity in the skin. pycnogenol may help optimize skin elasticity due to its collagen-boosting and elasticity-boosting properties, and those interested in using pycnogenol products to fight their age will be delighted to know.
Collagen is the main protein in the body that keeps skin soft and elastic. UV radiation causes collagen to break down faster than the aging process, so providing your skin with rich nutrients (like pycnogenol) can help combat this process.
2. Hydrate dry skin with pycnogenol
One of the significant potential benefits of pycnogenol is its possible role in hydrating the skin. People of all ages suffer from dry skin. Dry skin can cause signs of aging and even peeling and rashes. A 2012 study showed that after just 6 weeks of using pycnogenol supplements, normal skin increased moisture by 8% and dry skin by 21%.
3. pycnogenol can help relieve inflammation
A lesser-known but important benefit of pycnogenol may be its role in relieving inflammation. From acne to rosacea, many skin problems can cause an inflammatory response, which in turn can lead to hyperpigmentation. This is where topical pycnogenol products may be particularly useful, as users can target these products to areas of skin inflammation. After a few uses, pycnogenol users may notice improved pigmentation and discomfort in the corresponding skin area.
4. pycnogenol is also suitable for sensitive skin
Many ultra-effective skin care ingredients are too irritating for sensitive skin. However, pycnogenol does not have this problem. It is gentle on sensitive skin.
pycnogenol can be used topically or orally
pycnogenol (pine bark extract) is a traditional supplement that the French have been drinking as a tea for many years. Professionally prepared products are available in both topical and oral supplements. Each product has its benefits. Topical products target problematic skin areas. As an antioxidant, taking pycnogenol by mouth can help other processes in the body that fight free radicals.
5. Other Health Benefits of pycnogenol
Using pycnogenol may optimize skin texture and provide numerous other health benefits. Research has shown that pycnogenol has beneficial effects on heart health, diabetes, memory, and joint problems. It is especially helpful for joint problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Since pycnogenol is a potent antioxidant and has been shown to help boost blood flow, it may support heart health. Research is limited on the benefits of pycnogenol in people with diabetes and memory disorders, but preliminary results are promising.
6. Introduce pycnogenol into your multi-faceted skincare routine
Since pycnogenol has become a well-known skin care ingredient in recent years, there are many different pycnogenol products on the market. Whether used on the delicate skin of the face or as a supplement to nourish the body, pycnogenol’s free-radical-fighting and inflammatory-fighting properties have shown potential to promote health inside and outside the body.
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