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RIOTTO has been committed to be research, development, production and

sales in herbal extract fields for more than 10 years.

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Developing Finished Products From Formulation To Production

Our advanced technologies and proprietary manufacturing methods

ensure purity, consistent quality, efficacy and safety.

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Core Advantages


10 Year Manufacturer in the Plant Industry


Ten Traditional Production Lines


Extractors extracting 40 tons of entering material per day


More than 100 products items including extracts, protein, finished products, etc.

About Us

To enhance our customers’ products with the best quality ingredients.

Riotto Botanical Co., Ltd began by the end of 2010, is a leading manufacturer of plant extracts, organic products for years. Riotto operates as a manufacturer, exporter, and further processor for the products.


Many customers trust us because of our high quality products, professional skills, sincerity and high market sensitivity; they buy our products without any hesitation since they believe us and always happy to buy our product. After 10 years development, we are able to supply herbal proteins, nutirional ingredients, herbal powder, herbal extracts, plants extracts, vegetable & fruit juice powders, biological agricultural products etc.

Quality System

It keeps close watch over the quality of production tools and does its utmost to analyze and accept your raw materials. We monitor the entire production process with detailed control-with buying raw materials and packing through production, storage and transport.

Material Control

  • Select Qualified Supplier .

  • Raw Material Inspection .

  • To establish incoming inspection after acceptance record.

Product Process Control

  • Clear product process, and adapt to the product technical documents.

  • In the production process, have special personnel patrol and whole.

  • Regular review and samples evaluating.

What Customers Say About Riotto

I have been buying from Riotto botanicals Co., Ltd for 3 years. They provided me with nutritional ingredients product, I am very glad to work with them as a result of the dependable quality and competitive price. An excellent experience for me, on-time shipment, fast and accurate service.

Hi, I have gotten a very good quality olive extract, we tested thin layer chromatography and it complies well; after that we have been dealing for many times, and definitely Riotto is a great company.

I am very pleased to deal with this company, fair price and excellent service, quick, very easy, and generally good experience. Would buy other extract from them again. Their plant extract products were very well presented and manufactured in a really timely manner. Always been a pleasure working with Riotto.

Great packaging, rapid delivery, and professional solution with salesman from Riotto botanicals Co., Ltd. I am so happy to buy plant extract powder from your company.

A very big thanks to you & your company for the remarkably excellent service & excellent quality of your supplement herbal protein powder that you have supplied us, the quality is very good. They are able to produce capsules of good quality to customers.on-time delivery, competitive price. Very happy and completely satisfied with the product, service, and delivery. Will be back again…

News Center

Following us to know the latest herbal proteins, nutirional ingredients, herbal plants extracts, vegetable & fruit juice powders, biological agricultural products trends, news, guides, knowledges, reviews and market information.

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