Benefits of black garlic extract

Black garlic is a kind of food made from fresh garlic, which is fermented in a fermentation box with high temperature and humidity for 60 ~ 90 days and then pasteurized. When fermented, the whole clove turns from white to black or deep brown color, hence the name black garlic. The fermented garlic changes dramatically — it becomes dark, spongy and sweet, and the pungent smell is no longer irritating to the stomach and can be used in after-dinner sweets. Fermented garlic is a key intermediate compound in the Maillard reaction, which turns food into an attractive caramel-like color. The first uses for black garlic were in Asian cuisine. In modern times, it is being used in cooking as well. Here are some of the most delicious recipes for using it.

After high-temperature fermentation, the water content of black garlic decreased by about 50%, protein and minerals were concentrated, protein decomposition produced amino acids, which significantly increased the content of free amino acids. Compared with fresh garlic, black garlic has a higher content of sugar and total acid, and a lower content of volatile organic sulfide. Due to the dual effects of fermentation and concentration, many B vitamins were significantly increased, especially vitamin B1.

Compared to fresh garlic, black garlic contains ten times as much antioxidant content as raw garlic. This means that the raw garlic that we eat is packed with more antioxidants. These compounds are the ones that give off garlic’s unique pungent smell. Specifically, the compound 5-HMF in black-garlic deactivates nuclear factor kappa-B, a protein in the human body that leads to inflammatory conditions, auto-immune diseases, and cancer.

Another benefit of black garlic is that it inhibits the production of cytokines in the body. Cytokines are responsible for controlling the immune response and increasing inflammation and pain. But black garlic inhibits the activity of these cytokines. It also blocks nuclear factor kappa-B and reduces the production of nitric oxide. It is also able to deactivate proteins and enzymes that help cells create nitric oxide. This means that it is effective at suppressing inflammatory processes in the body.

black garlic extract

Studies have found that consuming black garlic can improve several indicators of heart disease, including total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Researchers found that BG reduced these markers by decreasing triglycerides and reducing the production of LDL cholesterol. It also reduced inflammation. In addition, it inhibited the activity of nuclear factor kappa B. In addition, black garlic deactivates enzymes and proteins involved in nitric oxide synthesis, which results in fewer macrophages and less tissue damage.

Black garlic has a high antioxidant level. It may help prevent diabetes complications. It is also known to be good for your immune system. It has been shown to boost antioxidant levels in the body, which are essential for overall health. The high antioxidant content of black garlic is a great source of protection against diseases. In a recent study, the antioxidant activity of garlic was proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. It is also a healthy digestive tract.

Some research has found that black garlic can suppress the immune system. Inflammation is a natural way to combat inflammation. When you consume black garlic, you will reduce the production of certain cytokines. The compound reduces nitric oxide levels in the body and helps the body repair damaged tissue. While these findings have been promising, researchers are continuing to study the benefits of black and white garlic.

A study found that black garlic extract has an anti-obesity effect. In addition, it can help regulate the production of adipokines and regulate the amount of cholesterol in the body. It may also help fight the effects of high blood sugar. These results have led to the development of new ways to use black garlic in weight loss. Its health benefits continue to grow as studies continue. There is no reason why black garlic should not be used to fight obesity.

Unlike raw garlic, black garlic has a softer, more subtle flavor. It is a wonderful addition to cheese plates, pizza, and chicken dishes. It can also be used as a vinaigrette. The dark, mellow flavor is more subtle than that of regular garlic.  However, the benefits of black garlic are more limited. It may be harmful to a person’s liver, but consuming this supplement will still have some side effects. There are many ways to eat black garlic, including black garlic powder, black garlic drinks, black garlic jam, black garlic puree, etc. If you feel better and healthier, you can keep eating. If you have adverse reactions to various garlic foods, there is no need to force yourself against your body’s feelings because garlic is also one of the foods that can produce intolerance.

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