The benefits side effect of radix sophorae flavescentis

Sophorae flavescentis is the root of the wild plant bitter ginseng. Clinically, it can be used for human skin itching, stool blood and other common diseases, it can also be used as a tea, with anti-inflammatory sterilization, heat and detoxification effect. If you are interested, please follow me to see the efficacy and side effects of bitter ginseng.

The most common content in Radix Sophorae Flakescentis Extract is Matrine, a complex and organic acid. Other active components in this powerful formula include Aloe Barbadensis, Berberis vulgaris and Arabinogalactan, which also gives the product its unique and highly effective flavor. It is believed that all these ingredients work together effectively to provide the maximum healing effect to patients suffering from digestive tract disorders such as acid reflux. These digestive disorders may include irritable bowel syndrome and IBS, as well as several other conditions.

Skin care

Tea with sophora flavescenta can maintain the balance of skin oil secretion and replenish rich nutrition for the skin. It can dredge and convergence pores, accelerate the decomposition and metabolism of free radicals in the skin, repair damaged skin cells. Rich herbal nutrition promotes the growth and repair of damaged blood vessel nerve cells, restores the vitality of subcutaneous capillary cells, restores the skin to firm and smooth, and plays a role in beauty care.

Heart protection

Sophora tea can protect the human heart, it can not only regulate the secretion of adrenal hormone, promote blood circulation, enhance the contraction of myocardium, can be used to prevent myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia and cardiac dysfunction. Matrine has obvious antagonism to ventricular fibrillation induced by inhalation of chloroform in mice, arrhythmia induced by aconitine in rats, and arrhythmia induced by chloroform-adrenalin in rabbits.

The total flavone of Sophora flavanones can also resist cardiac myocyte mass spontaneous and wabain induced beating arrhythmia, suitable for those suffering from cardiac insufficiency and cardiac weakness.


Matrine can reduce the release of allergic mediators and has anti-allergic effects. Matrine contained in the Traditional Chinese medicine- Sophora, It has a significant impact on the immune system of the human body, it can enhance the immunity of the human body, but also improve the anti-allergy ability of the human body. People who are prone to allergies can prevent a variety of allergic symptoms by taking Sophora tea or supplements in appropriate amount, such as skin itching caused by allergies.

Liver protecting

Herbal Sophorae Flavescentiscan protect human liver, the history of application in liver protection can be traced back to ancient China, and has obvious effects on common and hepatitis and liver dysfunction. In addition, it can reduce transaminase and repair damaged liver cells. Appropriate use can improve liver detoxification function and reduce liver incidence. In addition to these effects, radix Sophorae flavescens total alkaloid alone has mild analgesic effect, and it has obvious effect on human enteritis, dysentery and pharyngitis in clinical practice, which can significantly increase its analgesic percentage.

Antibacterial anti-inflammatory

The extracts of Sophora flavescens have strong antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, especially on trichoderma viola, trichoderma homicoris, trichoderma schellanum, tinea oduangensis and so on. Sophorae Flavescentis is a active extraction from Radix Pharmaceuticals which is being developed to treat acid reflux and other gastrointestinal conditions.


Matrine has inhibitory effect on mouse ascites carcinoma and sarcoma-180 in vivo and in vitro, and has obvious therapeutic effect on leukopenia induced by cyclophosphamide, X-ray and cobalt radiation.

The expectorant

The study shows that Sophora flavescens has obvious dispelling effect. It produces antiasthmatic effects by stimulating beta receptors, relieving bronchospasm and inhibiting the release of antibodies & slow response substances.

As mentioned above, the primary active ingredient in Radix sophorae flavescentis is Matrine, which is a highly complex and organic acid. Besides its highly pleasant taste, it also contains a number of other beneficial ingredients, which make it highly effective as an internal therapeutic, and as an external therapeutic, such as on the skin. For example, Matrine is highly effective in increasing the production of peptides and enzymes, which stimulate the cells of the gastrointestinal tract and help them produce mucus and fluid, which helps reduce inflammation and improves the health of the intestinal walls.

There are a number of different ways in which Sophorae flavescentis products can be used. For example, they can be applied directly to the skin, or taken orally in capsules or liquid form, depending on the product you choose. However, because this is a pure herbal medicine, it cannot be purchased over the counter. You will also need to consult a qualified practitioner in order to get your hands on Radix and decide if it is suitable for your health.

The active ingredients has been proven to be extremely good. They are manufactured in the most effective conditions, which ensures that you get the best value for money and receive quick, reliable results. Therefore, if you suffer from a range of health problems, whether it be diabetes, arthritis or cancer, you can benefit from Sophorae flavescentisand enjoy a long, healthy life. Sophorae flavescentis also has a great safety record, so it should not cause you any unwelcome discomfort.

As with any kind of plant medicine, there may be some mild side effects from Sophorae flavescentis. The common cold and flu are not common with Radix Sophorae flavescentis products, but you should stop any intake if you suffer from such ailments. It is also important to follow the directions on the pack very carefully if you wish to get the maximum benefits from Sophorae flavescentis extract. Although the benefits are many, it is always advisable to talk to your doctor before starting a course of treatment.

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Sophora flavescens: The use in agriculture

The benefits of fenugreek extract for man and woman

What’s fenugreek extract?

Fenugreek gets its name from the Latin word meaning “Greek hay” because the herb has been used as animal feed for hundreds of years. In addition to these areas, wild fenugreek is also common in India and North Africa. Fenugreek seeds and leaves are used as cooking spices, and the herb has become a well-known nutritional supplement due to its health benefits.

The history of fenugreek

People in Western Asia, the Middle East and Arab countries began eating fenugreek leaves as a wild vegetable more than 2,000 years ago, and in India, it was used as a substitute for coffee.

In Arab countries, folk doctors often use fenugreek as a strong agent, aphrodisiac, analgesic, oral cooling agent and menstrual medicine, but also often used to increase milk secretion of the natural catalyst milk poor maternal. In about Tang and Song Dynasties of ancient China, fenugreek was introduced into North China from western regions by land route and successfully introduced. At present, fenugreek has the largest planting area in northwest China.

From ancient times until the late 19th century, fenugreek was considered one of the world’s most famous breast enlargement herbs and played an important role in herbal use. Fenugreek contains alkaloids, lysine, L-tryptophan, steroidal saponins and mucinous fibers. In addition, it is a natural source of iron, silicon, sodium and vitamin B1. In addition, fenugreek is also rich in selenium, which is resistant to radiation and helps the body use oxygen.

Modern scientific research has confirmed that fenugreek is also effective in reducing cholesterol, controlling and treating diabetes and menopausal syndrome. Fenugreek contains natural compounds that promote breast tissue development and have been shown to reduce cholesterol in some animal studies. Fenugreek also has therapeutic benefits for type I diabetes. Here we’ve compiled a list of benefits of this herb for human body:


The benefits of fenugreek

The immune regulation

Studies have shown that fenugreek can help stimulate immune regulation and activate the phagocytic activity of macrophages.

Lower blood sugar

Fenugreek is a herb whose seeds are known to have wind-repellent, tonic and anti-diabetic properties, scientific studies have shown that they lower blood sugar and, in some doses, have anti-ulcer properties.

Other studies have also shown that soluble dietary fiber can partially inhibit carbohydrate digestion and absorption, which can greatly reduce postprandial blood glucose in type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Improve dyslipidemia

Fenugreek is also a good way to lower cholesterol.

Scientific studies have shown that fenugreek can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol.

Antitumor effect

Fenugreek seeds have anti-tumor effects. Studies have shown that extracts from fenugreek seeds can inhibit the growth of 70% tumor cells and increase the number of macrophages, which has obvious anti-inflammatory effects and may be used as anti-tumor drugs in the future.

Cure heartburn

Fenugreek is also an effective folk remedy for heartburn. It contains a gelatinous substance that provides a protective coating for the stomach, digestive tract and lining of the airways.

Men’s health

Fenugreek’s health benefits for men include treating problems such as premature ejaculation and loss of libido.

Stimulate sweating

Fenugreek is known to stimulate sweating, thus helping to lower the temperature of a fever. On the other hand, the gelatinous substance of this herb can help soothe a sore throat.

For bronchitis, cough and stuffy nose

Fenugreek relaxes the throat and mucus, which helps remove sputum from the body. It relieves coughing, promotes sweating, reduces fever, and is good for allergies, bronchitis and congestion, which is why it is used to treat bronchitis, cough and stuffy nose.

Relieve menstrual discomfort

For women, fenugreek also has benefits such as inducing labor, alleviating menstrual discomfort, and alleviating menopausal symptoms.

In addition, it is beneficial to nursing mothers because it contains diosgenin and isoflavones similar to human estrogens.

Breast enhancement

Fenugreek bean extract natural breast enlargement hormone, can let the breast development, thanks to “yam saponins ligands, the active ingredient, it stimulates the growth of breast tissue, makes the size of the breast, while wild yam, or wild potato, there are a lot of” yam saponins ligands “, however, content and effect are far less fenugreek raw beans. For women, it can regulate the body metabolism, increase the volume of breasts, and avoid the problem of sagging breasts.

Treatment of intractable constipation

It is an effective laxative in the treatment of intractable constipation because fenugreek contains a large number of mucinous polysaccharides, which can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation.

Boost immunity and prevent disease

Companies in Mexico and other Latin American countries have developed new fenugreek health products that are made of fenugreek, vitamin C, garlic powder, malthaea and horseradish, a native American plant. According to the manufacturer, regular use of the product can boost immunity and prevent illnesses such as colds.


In the Middle East and Arab countries, fenugreek powder is often used as a natural medicine to increase the milk secretion of women who have little milk.

Enhance glandular function

A fenugreek tea bag made from natural plants such as fenugreek powder, thyme and ginger has been developed and marketed in the United States. According to its makers, drinking the tea regularly can boost men’s libido and body endurance. According to the citation, “Western researchers have reported that the steroids contained in fenugreek — Diao saponin, choline and trimethylamine have a direct effect on enhancing gonadal function”.

Boost your digestive system

Great for the digestive system, this herb contains a lot of fiber and although it doesn’t dissolve in water, it expands on contact with liquids.

In addition to being a natural laxative, fenugreek also helps lower blood pressure.

It controls blood pressure and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

A diet that includes this herb can effectively reduce the amount of sugar your body absorbs.

Insulin replacement

Fenugreek contains an amino acid that causes insulin production to increase when blood sugar is elevated. But it’s for insulin, not to replace it. Fenugreek ointment has soothing skin irritation and relieves pain throughout the body, so it is often used as a treatment for boils and cysts.

Cure fever, stuffy nose

The ancient Egyptians used this herb to treat fevers, which relieves nasal congestion and reduces inflammation and infection. Fenugreek also has an expectorant, relieves cough, promotes perspiration, reduces the effect of fever, so it is a good drug for the treatment of sinusitis and lung congestion.

Riotto botanical co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of plant extract and nutritional ingredients from China and has been in this field for more than 11 years. If you are looking for a reliable fenugreek extract powder supplier, you have come to the right place, please contact [email protected] for further discussion.