Sophora flavescens, a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, ha been used for hundred years, is a deciduous shrub of leguminous family. Sophocarpidine, or matrine, is derived from the fruits, root, stem and leaf of the ancient herb, by organic solvents such as ethanol, is a kind of alkaloid of white powder, as a general rule, be bitter and total base, including matrine, bitter and alkali oxide, fruit tree, fruit tree alkali oxide, huai alkali, etc. Matrine is the highest content of oxide bitter and alkali, also can be extracted in the subprostrate sophora and bean root part on the ground.

The matrine extracted from sophora flavescens has a comprehensive effect of killing insects and inhibiting bacteria and stimulating plant growth. The results showed that among the 27 alkaloids isolated from sophora flavescens, quazidine alkaloids were the main alkaloids except dipiperidine alkaloids. Matrine (chemical formula: C15H21N20) pesticide products refer to all active substances extracted from matrine.

Matrine is a plant – derived pesticide, with specific, natural characteristics. It acts on specific organisms, such as vegetable stinging sucking mouthparts insect aphid, lepidoptera insect cabbage, tea caterpillar, cabbage moth, and tea green leafhopper, whitefly, etc., in addition to vegetable downy mildew, blight, anthrax also has a very good prevention effect. Once the insect touches, the nerve center is paralyzed, the protein in the body is coagulated, so that the insect is suffocated to death, this product is low toxicity to human and livestock, is a broad spectrum of insecticide, with stomach toxicity and touch effect. The effects of matrine and low toxic chemical insecticides on leek were tested in laboratory and field. The results showed that they had good insecticidal effect. Laboratory studies showed that matrine had significant effects on digestive system, nervous system and endocrine system, and could be rapidly decomposed in nature, and the final products were carbon dioxide and water.

Matrine bactericidal spectrum, can inhibit the biosynthesis of disease and insect bacteria, but also interfere with the biological oxidation process of mycelium. Alkaloids extracted from Sophora flavescens can inhibit and kill fungi, flavonoids can inhibit mycelia, saponins can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, fungi, bacteria and viruses have obvious inhibition effect on fruit trees, are effective to apple anthrax, grape leaf spot and other fungi, virus caused by a variety of diseases.

The matrine pesticide used in agriculture actually refers to all substances extracted from matrine, sophora sophora extract or total matrine. In recent years, it has been widely used in agriculture and has good control effect. It is a kind of low toxicity, low residue and environmental protection pesticide. The main control of various pine caterpillar, tea caterpillar, cabbage and other pests.

It has insecticidal activity, bactericidal activity, regulating plant growth and other functions. At present, the commonly used preparations are 0.3% matrine water agent, 0.8% matrine lactone water agent, 1% matrine solution, 1.1% matrine solution, 1.1% matrine powder, etc., these plant source agents have been applied in the prevention and control of vegetables, fruit trees, tea, tobacco and other crops some pests have achieved good control effect. The test proved that the control effect of 850-1200 times diluted solution on tea caterpillars reached 80% on the 5th day, 500 times and 1000 times diluted solution, and the control effect was 96.3% and 89.8% respectively after 1 day, especially on small green leafhoppers, vegetable aphid, cabbage insect, tea caterpillars, tea small green leafhoppers and so on.

Use Method

1.Forest leaf-eating pests, such as pine caterpillar, Phyllostachys chinensis and Phyllostachys chinensis, were evenly sprayed with 1000-1500 times of 1% matrine soluble liquid in their 2-3 days old larval stage.

2.Leaf-eating pests of fruit trees, such as tea caterpillars, Zizyphus jujube, Lepidoptera auriculata, etc., should be evenly sprayed with 1% matrine soluble solution 800-1200 times diluent.

3.Rape insect: about 7 days after the adult spawning peak or when the larvae are 2-3 days old, apply medicine to control, every 666 square meters with 0.3% matrine water agent 500-700 ml, add 40-50 kg of water spray.It should be noted that this product has little effect on 4th – 5th instar larvae.

Matrine is a combination of chemicals that make pests resistant to resistance and can be used over time to limit pest populations without seriously affecting the production and reproduction of plant populations. It is an endogenous plant chemical that can be used for a long time and is resistant to harmful organisms due to the interaction of various chemicals. It will not completely poison the corresponding pests directly, but control the pest biological population quantity will not seriously affect the production and reproduction of the plant population. We can draw the conclusion that matrine is environmentally friendly, which differ with the general high toxicity, high residue of chemical pesticides. Chemical pesticides have serious side effects, which may be years or more after the emergence of plant pesticides in pest control mechanism is more long-term and has the potential.

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