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What is glucoraphanin and sulforaphane?

Broccoli seed water extract is the main source of glucoraphanin and sulforaphane, and almost all on the market are from this source. These two substances can be understood as the same thing, but there are certain differences.

Sulforaphane is particularly unstable, and it is particularly easy to be destroyed and decomposed at room temperature. There is basically no way to make a stable sulforaphane product. In order to break through this difficulty and enable people to obtain health benefits, scientists have finally discovered such a thing as glucoraphanin in the past two decades, which can realize the curve to save the country.

Simply put: Glucoraphane is the true primitive state that exists in the sprouts of broccoli seeds. After entering the human body, it can be converted into sulforaphane by the intestinal flora or myrosinase, which quickly exerts a healthy activation effect. The properties of sulforaphane are very stable. Since it is the original ingredient in seeds, extraction and industrialization are natural. It can not only completely avoid the lack of sulforaphane properties, but also (in the human body) can be perfectly converted into sulforaphane to exert health. effect. Knocking on the blackboard: I mentioned a key above, only through the intestinal flora or myrosinase can sulforaphane be produced! In fact, the composition of the intestinal flora varies greatly from person to person, and the conversion efficiency varies greatly. Whether it can be converted is purely a matter of character. In extreme terms: the amount of glucoraphanin in a product is not important. Without myrosinase, it cannot be stably converted into sulforaphane, which is actually meaningless.

Scientists discovered as early as 1992 that sulforaphane can prevent cancer and fight cancer, and it is mainly used in the medical and health care industry. Now, sulforaphane is gradually emerging in the new food raw material industry. Some brands even have broccoli plant beverages, which is also a “black technology” for human health.

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