Citrus aurantium is the dried young fruit or fruit slice of the Rutaceae plant Lime and its cultivars or sweet orange. Mainly produced in Sichuan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Jiangsu, and other places.

The picking season of the raw materials is from May to June each year. The fallen fruits are collected, impurities are removed, cut into slices, sun-dried or low-temperature dried, and smaller fruits are directly sun-dried or low-temperature dried.

Citrus aurantium extract is a product with more diverse ingredients. : Synephrine, Citrus aurantium flavone, hesperidin, neohesperidin, nobiletin, d-limonene, auranetin, aurantiamarin, nuringin , Limonin, etc.,

Today I will discuss neohesperidin and synephrine health benefits and usage.

Neohesperidin is a new natural nutritional sweetener. The new methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone obtained by hydrogenation has higher sweetness than general sucrose. It is widely used in fruit juices, fruit wines, beverages, pastries, and Sweeteners for pharmaceutical formulations.

The compound use of new hesperidin and other sweeteners can produce a strong synergistic effect, increasing the sweetness, reducing the number of sweeteners, reducing costs, and making the sweetness purer. Adding new methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone to carbonated beverages can improve the product’s defects such as sourness, astringency, and poor aftertaste. At the same time, new methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone does not convert calories in the body. It is a low-calorie sweetener with anti-oxidation and other physiological activities. It is especially suitable for functional foods, health products, and dietary supplements. It is used as a sugar substitute in healthy foods such as medicine.

Synephrine is mainly used to oxidize fat and lose weight. It is commonly used as an active ingredient in weight loss and is the main active ingredient in Citrus aurantium extract. Therefore, it also has a good effect in helping digestion and lipolysis.

Citrus aurantium extract

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