Aloe vera is a common succulent plant, native to the Mediterranean Sea and Africa, and is a perennial herb of the Mycodaceae family. It has rich medicinal value and is often added in cosmetics. Among them, products with aloe vera ingredients are also very common.

The extraction of aloe components usually comes from two parts, one is the gel material in the mesophyll, the water content of this gel is 96%, and there are a variety of vitamins and proteins. The second is tree sap, also called aloe vera pulp, which is a yellow viscous substance located under the outer part of the leaf.Aloe vera concentrate is the dehydrated Aloe vera gel. The extract is produced from this powder and added water.

The most effective ingredients in the chemical composition are aloin, emodin, aloin, aloe polysaccharides, but also a variety of amino acids, organic acids, cellulose, active substances, enzyme substances, trace elements, etc.

What’s the function of aloe vera extract?

Aloe vera has high nutritional value. It has the functions of sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, enhancing immune function, removing endotoxin and free radicals. It can relieve constipation, prevent colitis, improve blood circulation, remove acne and nourish the skin, and improve the health of the whole body.

1.Weight loss

Aloe vera water is rich in dietary fiber, which will stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis after entering the human intestine, promote detoxification and defecation, and achieve the purpose of weight loss.

2.Beauty skin care

Aloin contained in Aloe vera can be used as a sunscreen for the skin. Other ingredients such as a variety of sugars, amino acids, active enzymes, aloe-emodin, etc., have a good moisturizing effect on human skin. It can accelerate skin metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, make it appear soft, smooth and plump, and can also eliminate acne, freckles, and chapped skin.

3.Protect the intestines

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records a variety of therapeutic effects of aloe, including sterilization and anti-inflammatory, prevention of colitis, prevention and treatment of digestive diseases and appetite, etc., which are very effective in protecting our intestines.

4.Promote the absorption of the body

Our stomach and intestines love to “lay on the bed”. Although we have many hearty breakfasts for us to choose from every day, the stomach and intestines do not “wake up” and cannot absorb nutrients. Therefore, we also need to give our intestines and stomach an alarm clock to remind them that it is time to absorb nutrients for the body. The first glass of aloe vera water of the all-round nutrition meal can help us promote absorption every day.

5.Medicinal use

The thick leaves of aloe vera are rich in viscous liquid. This viscous liquid can prevent ulcers, promote wound healing, stimulate cell growth and stop bleeding. It is also a natural preservative and humectant. Direct external application of the viscous liquid of aloe leaves can effectively treat common skin and body surface diseases.

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