Although black ginger and ginger are the same ginger, black ginger belongs to a different genus from the ginger we see daily, and its physiological functions are also somewhat different.

What is the difference between ginger extract and black ginger extract?

Black ginger is also called Xiaohua Shannai, which belongs to the genus Shanna. It is mainly produced in Thailand and Southeast Asia. It is a crop with high medicinal value. Also known as Thai ginseng, Latin name: kaempferia parviflora, It looks like ginger, and the inside is purple when cut. The composition is polymethoxy flavonoids, the main effect is antioxidant, blood vessel Expansion, anti-allergic, impotence.

Ginger, belonging to the genus’ginger’, can be used for cooking or as a seasoning. Originally produced in tropical regions of Southeast Asia, it is now grown in large quantities in eastern China. Its Latin name is Zingiber officinale Roscoe. Its characteristic ingredients are gingerol and gingerol. Its main effects are blood flow improvement and sweating.

What is the difference between Ginger and Black Ginger

Black ginger is relatively small and has a long growth cycle. The inside is black and purple after drying. Its taste is spicy and bitter, but it will have a refreshing fragrance when drunk in water, which is very suitable for daily tea.

“Black ginger extract” is commonly known as “black turmeric” in Japan. This “magic plant” is widely exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries. Therefore, it is a highly sought-after herbal medicine in the international market. It is cited in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand As a raw material for dietary supplements, the rhizome of black ginger (Kaempferia parviflora (Zingiberaceae)) has been traditionally used as food and folk medicine in Thailand for more than 1,000 years.

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