Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone is abbreviated as NHDC. It is a flavonoid derivative obtained by chemical conversion and biological conversion of naringin or neohesperidin, a natural component of citrus. It is a low-calorie, high-sweetness food flavor and sweetener.

Neohesperidin DihydrochalconeWhy neohesperidin dihydrochalcone is important?

The sweetness of NHDC is 1500-1800 times that of sucrose. It can be used as a low-energy food sweetener for diabetics. It can be widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical excipients, functional foods, and feeds.

1. Food sweetener Sweetness enhancer: NHDC has low calorific value and high sweetness, and its sweetness is similar to licorice. Used in combination with other sweeteners (such as sucralose), it has a strong synergistic effect, which can increase the sweetness, reduce the amount of sweeteners, and reduce costs, while the sweetness is more pure. It is widely used in fruit juice drinks, milk drinks, fruit wine drinks, desserts, cakes, baked goods, candies, chewing gum, sauces, low-energy drinks, etc.

2. Flavoring agents for functional foods/health products: NHDC does not convert calories in the body and has a special corrective effect on peculiar smells. It is especially suitable for functional foods, health products, dietary supplements and other health foods as sugar substitutes, specifically including Liquid dietary supplements (functional foods), solid dietary supplements (functional foods), syrup-type or chewing dietary supplements (functional foods).

3. Pharmaceutical auxiliary flavoring agent (bitterness masking agent): NHDC can bind to the taste perception receptor when it is lower than the sweetness threshold, inhibit the production of bitterness, and the effect of debittering is significantly better than that of general sweeteners.

4. Food spices: NHDC’s fragrance is similar to maltol and ethyl maltol, and can produce obvious synergistic effects with maltol and ethyl maltol. Widely used in frozen dairy products, soft candies, puddings, fruit juices, non-alcoholic beverages, condiments, jams, hard candies, chewing gum, etc.

5. Feed seasoning and food quality: In the feed, it is used as a seasoning and sweetness synergist with sodium saccharin to improve the overall sweetness and at the same time remove the unpleasant taste of drugs, vitamins, minerals, etc.

6. Cosmetic raw materials: NHDC has the functions of seasoning, taste masking, and fragrance enhancement, and is widely used in lipsticks, essences, water-based cosmetics, etc.

Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone
Riotto has two sources of extraction:

The synthetic route with naringin as the raw material has undergone multiple chemical reactions, and there will be trace chemical residues.
Using neohesperidin as raw material, it is directly extracted from plants and derived from natural sources. The aroma components of the product are better retained, and the product is healthier and safer.

The products produced by the synthesis of the two raw materials have the same characteristics; high sweetness, no calories, refreshing and pleasant sweetness, accompanied by a refreshing sensation of mint, and a special fragrant taste.
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