As the world’s leading exporter of plant extracts, China’s plant extract exports still achieved a good growth rate during the covid-19 sweeping the world, mainly anti-viral efficacy of immunity-boosting products and daily chemical hand sanitizer chemical products grew most prominently during the epidemic, and the market once appeared to be in short supply.

5 types of  plant extracts:

1. Soy isoflavones

Application direction: women’s health

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Soy isoflavones are flavonoids, soybeans and soy products are the main food source of soy isoflavones, in addition, wheat, black rice, lentils, onions are also rich in soy isoflavones. Soy isoflavones can bind to estrogen receptors and exert estrogen-like effects, but the effects are much weaker than estrogen, so they are called phytoestrogens. They can balance estrogen in the body, improve skin problems, prevent osteoporosis during menopause, and protect the ovaries.


Application: Oral beauty

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Ceramide is a complex lipid made from the combination of sphingosine, fatty acid and sugar. Current sources of ceramides are mainly pineapple, rice and konjac, but there are also a few new sources such as peach, corn and chestnut. Ceramides can prevent the evaporation of skin moisture, the role of the dermis from external damage, promote collagen production and other effects.

3.Black Chokeberry Extract & Aronia Extract

Application Direction: Superfoods

Black-fruited glandular ribbed rowan, also called wild cherry, is a new food ingredient in China, a berry very beneficial to human health, rich in vitamins and minerals, and also wild cherry is one of the richest plant sources of phenolic substances, mainly proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins.
However, due to its difficult extraction technology and high production and processing costs, its application in domestic food and beverage is still relatively small, but it has started to emerge as a superfood in foreign markets.

4.Schisandra chinensis extract

Application Direction: Adaptogen

Schisandra efficacy components consist of lignans, volatile oils, polysaccharides and other substances, of which lignans and volatile oils have sedative and hypnotic effects. It has been found that schisandra berry has a protective effect on oxidative stress damage to cardiac muscle cells, and schisandra is considered to be an “adaptogen” that reduces stress, fights fatigue, and contributes to overall health. The European Union’s EFSA defines schisandra as a health claim for physical and mental health, and it is currently used as an adaptogen in food and beverages and dietary supplements, along with South African intoxicants, maca, ginseng, rhodiola, mushrooms, and cordyceps.

5.Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Application Direction: Adaptogen/Immunity

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The main active ingredient of shiitake mushroom extract, shiitake polysaccharide, is a typical T-cell activator, promotes interleukin production, and also promotes the function of monocyte macrophages, which is considered as a specific immune enhancer. In addition, shiitake polysaccharide promotes antibody production and inhibits macrophage release.

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