Horse chestnut is a tall, round tree. It originated in northern India, the Caucasus, and northern Greece, but has been cultivated throughout Europe for a long time. It has many other different names, such as Ross Castanian, Marentinde, or Spanish chestnut.
The raw material of horse chestnut extract powder is the leaves of horse chestnut, and the main active ingredient of horse chestnut is called aescin or aescin. It is a brown-yellow powder saponin mixture with anti-inflammatory, vasoconstriction, and vasoprotective effects. It is considered the main source of most of its medicinal properties. The general detection methods are HPLC and UV.

horse chestnut extract

What is the application of horse chestnut extract?

Horse chestnut extract powder can be used in the field of cosmetics:

1. Horse chestnut extract can be used as a colloidal material in cosmetics to increase the smoothness and softness of the skin. It is commonly used to delay skin aging

2. Horse chestnut extract can also be used as the main functional ingredient of creams, which has a surface-active effect. At the same time, it has a good anti-oxidant effect and anti-edema effect and has a moisturizing effect.

Horse chestnut extract is mainly used in health care products and medicines:

1. Aescin has good anti-edema, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hemorrhoid effects.

2. Aescin has anti-inflammatory, anti-exudation,

3. Aescin can scavenge free radicals, improve microcirculation, and increase venous tension.

5. Aescin can restore the normal permeability of capillaries, increase venous tension, improve venous return, and improve microcirculation.

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