Tea seed powder is produced by the physical oil extraction method. What is physical oil extraction? It means that the tea seed powder is squeezed through the oil pressing machine without experiencing high temperature so that the oil in the tea seed powder is squeezed out. This is the most traditional camellia oil and grass meal.

Proportion: Each kilogram should be equipped with about 15mL seed powder. Approximately two kilograms of workpieces correspond to 20-30 mL sub-powder. This is mainly for degreasing and grinding. If you want to brighten, you also need to use the corresponding dose of brightener for brightening treatment.

Riotto priority recommendation tea seed meal with straw powder manufacturer If the quality requirements are not too high and low cost is required, it is recommended tea seed meal with straw.

The tea seed meal with straw bales main feature

advantages :Natural environmentally friendly electroplating degreasing and decontamination powder, used as a metal cleaning agent. The seed powder contains surface active ingredients, which can generate foam, infiltrate and remove oil, seal off the escape of acidic gas, and penetrate the emulsified lubricant to speed up the cleaning speed. It is widely used in the drum polishing process in the electroplating industry. It can be used alone or in combination with other degreasing agents, flake alkali, etc., and the effect is very good. Moreover, the price is cheap, and it is a rare natural and environmentally friendly ideal oil removal product.
Disadvantages: general seed powder has the disadvantages of inconvenience and blocking of water pipes after use.