Tea seed powder is also called tea dry powder or tea bran powder, which is a pure natural detergent powder. It is made from Camellia oleifera seeds in the southern mountainous area, squeezed out the edible tea oil in the seeds and then ground by the remaining pomace.

Tea seed powder is rich in natural tea saponin, which has the pharmacological functions of sterilization, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, and antipruritic.

It is a pure natural cleaning product. Since ancient times in the South, tea seed powder has been used to wash hair, wash dishes and chopsticks, and wash clothes. Shampoo with tea seed powder all the year round has the effects of anti-dandruff, anti-itch and anti-hair loss. Washing dishes, dishes, pots, etc., has a very strong degreasing ability, which is easy to rinse and wash without hurting your hands. Recent scientific research has found that the tea saponin in tea seed powder can also decompose residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables, and can be used as a cleaning agent for fruits and vegetables.

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The effect of tea seed meal without straw powder

1.100% natural tea seed powder
2.No chemical addition
3.Gentle without irritating the skin
4.Easy to decompose
5.Does not have a negative effect on the environment
6.The tea seed powder contains 15%~18% tea saponin
7.Tea saponin is a natural non-compound surfactant.
8.Tea seed powder does not contain any additives
9.And has a strong natural tea seed fragrance