We all know that tea oil is a universal oil. In fact, the raw material of tea oil, tea seeds, also has many magical effects. Grinding tea seeds into powder can make it a little helper in our lives and make life easier. Compared with natural tea saponin, tea seed powder can quickly remove oil stains. It can clean dishes, dishes, pots, vegetables, fruits, etc.

It has very strong degreasing and decontamination ability. It is easy to rinse and wash, does not hurt hands, and can be decomposed. Residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables also have the pharmacological functions of sterilization, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, and antipruritic. It is a purely natural cleaning product.

Riotto takes the interests of customers first and quality first as its principle. Focus on the research and production of camellia tea seed powder for pesticide manufacturers.

How to use tea seed powder:

1. When washing dishes and chopsticks, add a spoonful of detergent powder in hot water, soak the dishes and chopsticks to quickly remove oil stains, or dip a dishcloth with tea seed powder, gently wipe the dishes, and then rinse with water. , Easy to wash and clean.
2. For serious oil pollution, such as range hoods, gas stoves, tiled walls, etc., use wet sponge to soak tea seed powder, lightly test the appliance, and then dry with a wet towel to remove the oil pollution, and the light will be as bright as new.
3. Soaking vegetables and fruits in water mixed with tea seed powder can decompose and remove pesticide residues, making it safe to eat.
4. When taking a bath, add three spoons of tea seed powder in the bathtub, which not only cleans the skin, but also kills skin fungi, prevents skin diseases, and protects skin health.
5. Wash your hair with tea seed powder, which can remove dandruff, relieve itching, prevent black hair from falling off, and make your hair soft and shiny after washing.