Tea saponin is a class of natural glycoside compounds extracted from the seeds of camellia plants (such as tea, camellia, oleifera). It consists of seven ligands (C30 H6 O6 ) (Sapgening), four glycosides (Aglyevn), and two A five-ring triterpenoid tea saponin composed of organic acids, which is a natural non-ionic surfactant with excellent performance.

There are studies that the main effect of tea saponin on Pieris rapae is antifeeding. Further observation revealed that tea saponin has a distorted antifeeding effect and inhibiting the growth and development of lepidopteran larvae such as cabbage butterfly, diamondback moth, and Spodoptera litura. Gradually. Tea saponin has a strong leaching effect on the third instar larvae of houseflies.

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The application of tea saponin powder lawn protectant

Due to the rise of greenhouse agriculture and unlawful agriculture, underground pests such as cutworms, nematodes, and earthworms have also caused serious and serious problems. It is proved that the use of tea saponin to prevent underground pests is effective, and the effect is very good, but there is no specific experimental report, similar to the experience summary of soil pesticides.