The feed additive made of tea saponin can effectively replace antibiotics, reduce the diseases of both humans and animals, make the whole breeding industry to a new level, and finally make people eat reassuring meat.

At present, tea meal is the most commonly used medicine for poisoning fish in mariculture ponds in my country. Its poisonous and fish-killing effect is because it contains tea saponin (saponins), and its composition is a triterpenoid with 32 carbons composed of ligands and sugar bodies. With molecular formula C32H54O18, the ester bond on the 22-position carbon of the E ring is a key part of toxicity.

Its toxicity is mainly manifested in the timely suppression of hemolysis characteristics. Its hemolysis index is as high as 100,000. It is only highly toxic to fish, and higher animals have no response after taking it. It also shows certain toxicity to shellfish and sandworms in the water. The tolerance of shrimp is more than 40 times that of fish. The main reason for the different tolerance of fish and shrimp is that the composition of hemoglobin is different. The hemoglobin of fish contains ferrous hemoglobin. The hemoglobin of shrimp is the hemocyanin containing copper, and saponin mainly interacts with heme.

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The effects of tea saponin powder feed additive:

Tea meal contains 12-18% of saponin, which can be used to extract the raw material of tea saponin and can also be used to clear the pond of aquatic products. The advantages of using tea meal to clear the pond: no pollution, no residual toxicity, and the hydrolyzed tea meal after the pond is cleared The residue is still rich in protein and crude fiber, which can be fully used as feed by the aquatic animals raised. It is the best clearing article for special aquacultures such as eel, shrimp, crab, and other special aquaculture. Tea meal can be used in farmland to kill snails, vegetable planting to kill pests such as earthworms, and it can also kill underground pests in golf courses, lawns, and other places.