1. Wetting agent and suspending agent for wettable pesticides
It can be used as a humectant and added to the solid original medicine to produce a wettable powder, which greatly improves the suspension rate of the original pesticide powder, and can make the original insoluble or hardly water-soluble pesticide original drug effective during application.

2. As a co-solvent for herbicides or soluble powder pesticides
It can improve the physical properties of mineral pesticides, improve the adhesion of the drug solution on the surface of target organisms or plants, and improve the use effect of pesticides. It can be widely used as a cosolvent for herbicides or soluble powder pesticides.

Riotto is a leading tea saponin liquid lawn protectant manufacturer concentrate is a new scientific research product supported by a project in the name of innovation funds. It uses the active ingredients in natural plants as the main raw material and is refined through structural modification and optimization techniques. It is popular among consumers.

The main physical and chemical properties are as follows:

1. It has a good synergistic effect, and the synergistic factor can reach 6 to 20 times for different original drugs.
2. It can significantly reduce the surface tension of the liquid and has good dispersibility.
3. In the range of water hardness of 0-28.7°d, its surface activity is almost unaffected.
4. It has a significant wetting effect on the hydrophobic solid surface. When the concentration is 1%, the contact angle θ is 0°<θ<90°, and the wetting performance is good.