Acai berry is a kind of fruit from the palm tree in Latin America. It is mainly grown in South America. There are a few plants in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Huizhou in Guangdong.

Acai powder is a freeze-dried extract that preserves the acai flavor and contains a variety of vitamins and acids.It is powdery, good fluidity, easy to dissolve, easy to preserve.

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It can be used in medical and health products, health and nutrition products, infant food, solid drinks, dairy products, convenience food, puffed food, condiments, middle-aged and elderly food, baked food, leisure food, cold food and cold drinks, etc.

The effects of acai berry powder:

1. It can greatly strengthen the immune system of the human body. Acai berry powder contains very rich chemical compounds, which have an important property that it can fight the mutagenic process of the human body.
2. It can also fight against human aging very well. According to systematic demonstration, the antioxidant component contained in acai powder is 10 times of grape and twice of blueberry, so it can clear the fundamental cause of human aging — free radicals, making the process of human aging slower.
3. It also has a very good skin care effect, because it contains a variety of vitamins
4.It also has a cholesterol-lowering effect because there are ingredients in acai that have the same effect as olive oil.