Walnut powder products belong to solid drinks, high quality walnut powder using high quality walnut kernel, white granulated sugar, full-fat milk powder as the main raw materials, through walnut kernel immersion, grinding, slurry residue separation (remove the bitter brown skin), defishy, ingredients, homogenization, concentrated sterilization, spray drying made.

Walnut can be called the “king” of antioxidant, walnut nutritional value is very high, because walnut contains arginine, oleic acid, antioxidant substances and so on to protect the cardiovascular, prevention of coronary heart disease, stroke, senile dementia is quite beneficial.

Riotto is a leading natural pure walnut raw fine extract powder manufacturer ,our walnut powder features of instantly dissolved and easy to use.

The effects of Walnut powder:

1, walnut powder can boost the brain
2. Walnut powder also has a certain beauty effect, can nourish the skin
3. Walnut powder in a variety of unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce cholesterol content.
So eating walnuts is good for your heart.
4 walnut kernel contains vitamin E, can make the cell from the oxidative damage of free radicals, is the medical community recognized anti-aging substances
5.Regular consumption of walnut kernel has therapeutic effect on insomnia caused by kidney deficiency.