Graviola which is A tropical fruit of the genus Annona in the family Annona muricata.The fruit is large and sweet and sour and edible, with 0.70% protein, 0.40% fat and 17.10% sugar.
Cherimoya fruit powder is spray-dried from fresh fruit, which retains some nutritional value. The powder is fine and tastes good.
Cherimoya is a good source of vitamin C.It has the effect of lowering blood sugar and is the best antioxidant fruit, which can effectively delay skin aging and whiten skin.
Cherimoya is high in fiber, which can effectively promote peristalsis and flush out bowel bowel buildup

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The effects of graviola extract powder:

1. Graviola can delay aging
2. Graviolacan help prevent constipation
3. Graviolacan fight cancer and parasites
4. Graviola has the effect of lowering blood sugar and is commonly used to treat diabetes abroad.
Diabetic patients often eat Sakya, for the alleviation of the disease has a significant auxiliary role in dietary therapy;