Moringa, as a new resource food, has the advantages of strong environmental adaptability, fast growth, rich and comprehensive nutrition, and multiple biological activities. It has a long history of application in Indian traditional medicine and has potential development prospects. Moringa oleifera leaves are rich in protein, and there are 19 kinds of amino acids in Moringa oleifera leaf extract, with a high content of glutamic acid, aspartic acid, threonine, valine, and alanine. At the same time, Moringa leaves are rich in a variety of minerals, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, glycosides and polyphenols, sterols, alkaloids, and other small molecular active substances.

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Functions of moringa Leaf Extract:

1. Moringa leaf extract has the effects of lowering blood sugar, anti-oxidation, repairing pancreatic islet cells, etc., and has anti-diabetic effects.
2. The active substances in Moringa leaves have the effects of lowering triglycerides, cholesterol, and scavenging free radicals, and have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.
3. Moringa leaf extract can reduce the level of aspartate aminotransferase, blood lipids, and liver lipid peroxidation. Moringa leaf extract can repair liver damage caused by anti-tuberculosis drugs.
4. Ethanol extract of Moringa oleifera leaves can reduce the secretion of ulcers and gastric acid, pepsin, the antioxidant mechanism of the extract, remove lipid peroxides and H2O2, and have the effect of treating gastric ulcers.
5. Moringa leaf extract has the effect of inhibiting growth and promoting apoptosis on cancer cells and has the potential to treat cancer.