The reishi mushroom extract is one of the fastest herbal remedies to ever gain popularity in the whole wide world and you will see why in this article. Many people are true believers of its benefits because of proven experiences with health problems and potential concerns. The reishi mushroom is also known as Ganoderma which comes from a derivation of its scientific name which is “Ganoderma lucidium.” The medicinal properties which it promises are not yet fully understood and researched, but science is continually studying the effects of Reishi or Ganoderma lucidium on the human body.

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What is reishi mushroom extract good for?

1. Enhance immunoregulation, promotes metabolism

2. Prolong life and anti-aging, improve the skin health care

3. Anti-tumor and anti-radiation, inhibit tumor growth, prevent postoperative recurrence of cancers, reduce side-effects during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, such as mitigate the pains, suppress hair loss, etc

4. Anti-cardiovascular diseases via germanium eliminating toxins from the blood, anti-hypertension, lower blood sugar and cholesterol

5. Protect liver and enhance detoxification, thus improving liver function and repairing liver tissue injury

6. Has a significant efficacy on removing anxiety, anti-fatigue, anti-insomnia, anti amnesia, improve sleep.

7. Has a better auxiliary effect on neurasthenia, fatigue syndrome, menopausal syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease.