Kelp leaf extract uses the frond of laminaria japoni caarech, a kelp family plant, as raw material, and is extracted with advanced technology to obtain a powdery substance. The main components of kelp extract are seaweed polysaccharides, fucoxanthin, mannitol, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and plants. Hormones and betaine and many other plants physiologically active substances.

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What are the benefits of kelp leaf extract?

1.Has an antioxidant effect.

2.It has an inhibitory effect on uricase and can reduce the ammonia produced by its activities,

3.Inhibition of β-D-glucuronidase can reduce hypocarbonic acid and inhibit body odor;

4.It has a certain inhibitory effect on the activity of elastase, eliminates free radicals, and has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects;

5.At the same time, it has a strong promotion of the activation of lipase and can be used as a weight loss agent

What are the applications of kelp leaf extract?

Kelp extracts are widely used in food, medicine, textile and other industrial fields.

1.Kelp extract can be used as a coloring agent,

2.It can be used for weight loss and other health foods.

3.Fucoxanthin is a green health product with strong antioxidant properties and is an ideal dietary supplement.

4.The main role of kelp extract in cosmetics and skin care products is bodybuilding functional ingredients and odor inhibitors.