Lavender extract contains linalyl acetate, lavender linalool acetate, geraniol, coumarin and other ingredients. It has good antibacterial and scar reduction effects. It can dispel spots and whiten, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged skin, and effectively solve a variety of skin problems.

Riotto is a cosmetic grade lavandula angustifolia lavender extract powder from china our lavender extract powder features are high-quality supplement materials.

What are the benefits of lavender extract powder?

1. Refresh, and enhance memory; on the study of great help.
2. Relieve nerve, build character, with the promotion of sleep magic.
3. To promote blood circulation, cure acne, nourish hair.
4. Suppress high blood pressure, allergic rhinitis, or asthma.
5. Modulates physiological functions.
6. Strengthening the immune system.
7. To maintain respiratory function, on the nose and throat mucositis.