Tongkat Ali is a wild shrub that grows in the primitive tropical rainforest near the equator in Southeast Asia. The maturity period is generally more than 5 years.Especially Malaysia is the most famous. Its temperature is above 29 degrees all year round and it is very close to the equator, creating a suitable growth environment for Tongkat ali.

Tongkat ali extract is powder form extract derived from the root of Eurycoma Longifolia, it is also known as longjack extract. The specification of tongkat ali extract is evaluated by the extract ratio or the content of eurycomanone. Tongkat ali extract powder has a lot of potential health benefits.

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The main effects of Tongkat Ali extract:

1. Improve male testosterone secretion, enhance libido, and improve sexual performance

2.Enhance immunity and improve body functions

3. Refreshing an anti-fatigue, enhancing physical strength

4. It has a blood purifying effect, promotes liver detoxification and blood circulation

5. Relieve symptoms of gout and rheumatism

6. Has anti-cancer effect

7. Relieve diabetes, high blood sugar, high blood fat, and high blood pressure.