Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland of the brain. It is widely found in prokaryotes, single-celled organisms, fungi, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates. For melatonin has the effect of improving sleep, the scientific community’s understanding is affirmative. Due to the gradual decrease of endogenous melatonin in middle-aged and elderly people, the use of melatonin can improve sleep quality (shorten sleep latency and prolong sleep time). The health food containing melatonin approved by the Ministry of Health has its health function only to improve sleep. The suitable population is middle-aged and elderly people. The dosage before going to bed is generally 2-3mg.

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The well-known function of melatonin is mainly to improve the quality of sleep (dosage 0.1~0.3mg), shorten the time to wake up and fall asleep before going to bed, and improve the quality of sleep. The number of awakenings during sleep is significantly reduced, the light sleep phase is short, and the deep sleep phase is Prolonged, the wake-up threshold dropped the next morning. There is a strong function of adjusting the time difference.

The biggest feature of melatonin should be that it is the strongest endogenous free radical scavenger found so far.