Sophora japonica extract is extracted from the dried flower buds of the leguminous plant Sophora japonicus as raw materials. The main active ingredients are rutin, quercetin, and Iso quercitrin.
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Application of Sophora japonica extract:

Sophora japonicus extract can treat chronic bronchitis, has an anti-inflammatory effect, vitamin P-like effect, maintains vascular resistance, reduces its permeability, reduces fragility, etc., has a fat-removing effect on the fatty-infiltrated liver, and has an antiviral effect. And inhibit the effect of aldose reductase. Lower blood lipids and cholesterol used to prevent cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, purple scar, and acute hemorrhagic nephritis.
In addition to being widely used in medicine and health, Huai Mi extract has been gradually developed and applied to other fields in recent years.