Huperzine A is a natural plant alkaloid extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine Huperzia plant Melaleuca. It is a powerful, reversible, and highly selective second-generation acetylcholinesterase inhibitor with a slightly yellow to white crystalline appearance. Powder, easily soluble in chloroform, soluble in methanol, ethanol, slightly soluble in water, with high-fat solubility, small molecule, can penetrate the blood-brain barrier well and is more distributed in the frontal lobe of the brain after entering the central nervous system.

Temporal lobe, hippocampus and other brain areas closely related to learning and memory, have a strong inhibitory effect on acetylcholinesterase at low doses, which significantly increases the content of acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft in the distribution area, thereby strengthening neurons Excitation conduction strengthens the excitement of learning and memory brain areas, plays a role in improving cognitive function, enhancing memory retention and promoting memory reproduction. It is currently the most successful drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia).

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Application of Huperzine A:

1.It is used to treat and improve the memory function of middle-aged and elderly people and improve the associative memory function; it is used for the memory loss caused by overuse of the brain to improve the efficiency of learning and work;
2.It is used for the memory function loss associated with neurasthenia;
3.Huperzine A is used for memory loss caused by cerebrovascular disorders;
4.used for memory improvement in Alzheimer’s disease, has a significant effect on improving and restoring patients’ cognitive and memory functions and improving emotional behavior abnormalities;
5.used For the treatment of myasthenia gravis;
6.Huperzine A can improve the association disorder, cognitive decline, and memory loss associated with schizophrenia;
7.For memory associated with various brain diseases and physical diseases Decreased function can improve.