Naringin is a flavanone-7-O-glycoside. It is a chemical compound between the flavanone naringenin and the disaccharide neohesperidose. It has numerous biological properties and is used as a food additive. Its anti-inflammatory properties are the reason why it is so popular. The most important aspect of this substance is that it is free of side effects, making it an excellent choice for dietary supplements.

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What are the benefits of grapefruit extract powder naringenin?

1. Naringin may help patients suffering from diabetes,

2. It may increase blood sugar levels and increase the ability to process glucose.

3. It may improve heart health and protect the immune system.

4. Naringin has been shown to reduce the incidence of certain diseases associated with smoking.

5. It can improve metabolism, reduce blood sugar levels, prevention of cardiovascular disease, improvement of heart health, and immune system activation.