Perilla frutescens leaf extract is the dried leaf extract of Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt, the main active ingredient of Perilla frutescens oil, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, spice and preservative industries.

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What are the benefits of perilla leaf extract?

1. Antioxidant activity.

Perilla leaf extract contains a variety of flavonoids and plant polyphenols. Most of these substances have phenolic hydroxyl groups, which are often the active groups for scavenging free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

2、Enzyme inhibiting properties.

Plant polyphenolic substances and flavonoids on enzyme inhibition is mainly through the binding of enzyme proteins, the deprivation of substrates and the catalyst for enzymatic reactions – metal ion complexation. These can make the enzyme catalytic activity is reduced, the enzyme reaction speed is slowed down.

3. Antibacterial properties.

4.Skincare benefits of perilla extract.

Perilla leaf topical use is not a skincare effect is the role of the treatment of dermatitis, and is the need to extract ingredients.

5. Other effects.

Perilla extract can be used in food for preservative, flavor, and direct consumption; in medicine, it can be used for the treatment of a variety of diseases, and can also be used in health products and functional food additions.