Geranium extract is a brownish-yellow powder substance. Its medicinal value is: pain relief, antibacterial, stretching into the scar, enhancing cell defense function, deodorization, hemostasis, and replenishing the body. Applicable to all skins, it has deep purifying and astringent effects and balances sebum secretion. Microvascular rupture, scars, stretch marks can quickly produce new cells. Its geranium essential oil can promote breast development and enhance mammary glands to prevent breast hyperplasia. The regular ratio products provided by our company are 10:1; 20:1. If there are requirements for other specifications, we can also provide customized services.

Riotto is a bulk pelargonium sidoides root extract geranium extract manufacturer from china our pelargonium sidoides root extract features are high-quality supplement materials.

What are the applications of pelargonium sidoides root extractr?

1. Geranium oil, which is sold for aromatherapy and massage therapy applications is sometimes used to supplement or adulterate more expensive rose oils.

2. Pelargonium Extract Powder can be used in food, fragrance perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, creams.