Lemon is known as the king of whitening.It contains a lot of vitamin C, and VC is one of the important elements widely recognized in the cosmetic industry. It can effectively inhibit the activity of loaminidase and reduce oxidizing melanin to colorless reducing melanin, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and feckling.
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The effects of lemon powder:

Lemon powder is rich in vitamin C and has the effect of inhibiting melanin production. Drinking more can help skin resist ultraviolet radiation.
Lemon powder contains a lot of citric acid, can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation.
In addition, after the vitamin of lemon is absorbed by the skin, can make the skin maintains burnish and exquisite.
Lemon is rich in vitamins, which can improve blood pressure, soothe nerves, help digestion and decompose toxins in the body.
Lemon powder is good for reducing fat and blood viscosity.