Mango powder is a kind of health food made from fresh mango processed by advanced technology and then ground into powder, which is pretreated, mixed, tested, and packaged in a certain proportion.

Mango sweet, sour, cool, beneficial to the stomach, nausea, thirst, prevent motion sickness, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, bright eyes, cancer prevention, and anti-cancer effects, so in the season without mango with mango powder made a cup of mango juice is also a good choice!

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The effects of mango powder:

1. Stop vomiting and nausea.
Eating mango for vertigo, Meniere syndrome, hypertension vertigo, nausea, and retching are very good effects.
2. Soften blood vessels, cholesterol.
Mango can reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, often eat beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
3. Dispel disease, cough, and phlegm.
Mango to cough, cough phlegm, asthma, and other diseases have the effect of supplementary diet therapy.
4. Prevention of cancer.
Mango contains mango ketoacid and other compounds, with the medicinal value of cancer prevention.
5, Conducive to clearing the stomach.
Taking mango has the effect of clearing the stomach and stomach, and has a certain antiemesis effect for symptoms and airsickness. The exocarp color is green, green, yellow, red, and so on.
6. Good for sterilization.
The extract of mango leaves can inhibit gram-negative bacilli, escherichia coli, and pyomonas aeruginosa.It also has the effect of preventing the cold virus.
7. It is good for the skin.
Mango carotene composition is very high, conducive to eye vision, can be full of moisturizing skin, is the beauty of female friend’s good fruit skincare.