The black garlic extract is extracted from the underground bulb of black garlic as the raw material, and sulfur-containing compounds are the main biologically active substances. There are more than 30 kinds of black garlic compounds, mainly 3,3-dithio-1-propene, diallyl disulfide monooxide, methallyl sulfide, 1-methyl-2-propyl Disulfide-3-methoxyhexane, ethylene [1,3] dithiane, etc. Black garlic, also known as black garlic and fermented black garlic, is a food made from fresh raw garlic, fermented in a high-temperature and high-humidity fermentation box, and allowed to ferment naturally. After fermentation, the entire garlic cloves appear black.

With its extremely high nutritional value and medicinal health value, black garlic has developed from a single food industry to multiple industries such as cosmetics, health products, and medicine, and the products involved are also diverse.

Black garlic extract is one of the most popular products in recent years and can be used in cosmetics, health care products, medicine and other industries.if you are looking to buy black garlic extract, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Functions of black garlic extract:

1. Black garlic has the strong anti-tumor ability.

2. The black garlic extract contains selenium protein and polysaccharides containing selenium have a strong scavenging ability on superoxide free radicals and hydroxyl free radicals, so it can play an anti-aging effect.

3. Black garlic has very strong antioxidant activity, so it can protect the liver by inhibiting the damage of lipid peroxidase to liver cell membrane structure.

4. Allicin has the function of activating the cell membrane composed of glycolipids, which can improve its permeability, strengthen cell metabolism, increase vitality, and strengthen the body’s immunity.

5. Alliin and allinase produce allicin after contact, which has broad-spectrum antibacterial and bactericidal effects. It has a killing effect on dozens of epidemic viruses and a variety of pathogenic microorganisms.

6. Black garlic can affect the synthesis of glycogen in the liver, reduce its blood sugar level and increase the plasma insulin level. Among them, allicin can reduce the blood sugar level of normal people and reduce blood sugar.