Tea Saponin powder is a by-product of tea seed oil extraction. It is widely used in rice fields, vegetable fields, flower fields, golf courses and other places. It is used to kill snails, snails, slugs and other pests. It can also be used in shrimp ponds and crab ponds to eliminate harmful fish and other organisms, and to help shrimps and crabs to escape Shell growth, increase yield. And it can be biodegraded by itself, and it is harmless to humans and animals.

According to the product characteristics, we can provide various specifications of tea meal, mainly including grass tea meal, grass-free tea meal, and tea meal granular fertilizer.

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The application of tea saponin

Tea saponin, on the one hand, can be used as a clear pond before prawn cultivation, and also can be used to kill enemy fish in the cultivation process, on the other hand, it can also promote prawn shelling and stimulate prawn growth, and it can also kill the nematodes and polycondensates attached to crabs, turtles, sea cucumbers, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of control. Its use amount of fresh water in prawn cultivation is 3-5ppm, and the amount of sea water is 3-5ppm 1-2 ppm, 15-25 ppm.