Brown algae extract is an extract component of higher-level multicellular algae. Brown algae extract (fucoidan, kelp starch) has been used as a potential green feed additive in livestock and poultry production It has unique biological functions such as improving growth performance, enhancing body immunity, improving intestinal environment, promoting growth and reproduction, improving animal meat quality, and improving egg and milk quality. It has significant application effects in animal feeding and feed.

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Fucoidan extract powder is a common cancer nutrient. Fucoidan extracted from brown algae can be classified into four kinds of functions. They are stimulating immunity, allowing cancer cells to self-apopt, reducing tumor neovascularization, and repairing injury. Mucosa.

The efficacy of fucoidan extract powder:

1. Stimulate immunity. Studies have found that a polysaccharide called fucose in brown algae can help improve the immune system.

2. Inhibit the proliferation, metastasis and spread of cancer cells.

3. Inhibit tumor neovascularization.

4. Repair the injured mucosa. Fucoidan is a kind of polysaccharide that contains “sulfur”. Patients with a gastric ulcers can relieve their symptoms by ingesting this kind of polysaccharide.