The main ingredient of willow bark extract is salicin, which is called natural aspirin if you have an aching back, joint pain, or pain in the legs that gets worse when you move around, maybe it’s time to look into white willow bark extract. This natural substance is an effective anti-inflammatory that can help with pain, swelling, inflammation, and a lot of other problems that people experience. In fact, you will find that this extract has been used for hundreds and thousands of years, and has a very strong effect on the body.

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Application of white willow bark extract

1. Application in pharmaceutical health care

1.1Treat fevers, colds, and infections

As a “natural aspirin,” salicin is used to treat mild fevers, colds, infections (influenza), acute and chronic rheumatic discomfort, headaches, and inflammatory pain.

1.2. Reduce arthritis pain and lower back pain

Salicin is thought to be the source of the anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing abilities of willow bark. The pain-relieving effects of willow bark are usually slower to take effect but last longer than those of regular aspirin products.

2. Applied in the field of cosmetics

White willow bark extract and salicylic acid work together to fight skin inflammation and help you maintain a youthful appearance.

Salicylic acid is also great at reducing redness, itching, and inflammation, so if you want to promote the health of your skin, It is an amazingly powerful product when it comes to fighting skin inflammation and soothing irritated areas.