Marrubium vulgare l.  is mainly produced in Xinjiang of my country. As early as the 16th century, people used it as a detoxification medicine. horehound extract powder contains organic volatile oil, which is very effective in conditioning the lungs and has a certain preventive effect on colds.

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What are the main effects of horehound extract powder?

1. Medicinal effects. It is used in medicine to treat chronic diseases of the respiratory organs, and can be used as a substitute for cinchona cream skin; the above-ground part still contains crystalline or amorphous bitterness of unknown composition. In addition, it can be used as a nectar plant.

2. Health benefits. The extract of Eugenia solani can calm and soothe, detoxify and detoxify, reduce vascular congestion, reshape the skin’s health and vitality, effectively fight histamine, eliminate allergens, reduce sebum production, and help relieve skin discomfort.