Chitin was discovered by French scholar Braquenau in 1811 and extracted from crustacean shells by Eugil in 1823 and named CHITIN. Chitin is widely distributed in crustaceans, such as crabs, insects and fungi (various mushrooms), and the resources are very rich. It has certain health care functions, protects the liver and detoxifies, resists oxidation and delays aging. Appearance and properties: light beige to white.

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Chitin was the first product to be used in practice and the first “functional food” approved in Japan. However, chitin is insoluble in water, alkali, common acids and organic solvents, and only partially soluble in concentrated acids. It is only partially decomposed by the action of chitinase and lysozyme in the human gastrointestinal tract, so its absorption rate is extremely low. The dosage is relatively large, and the reaction response is as high as 70%. The chitin is chemically treated to remove the acetyl group and it becomes chitosan.

What are the applications of chitin?

1. Application in the industrial field. Is used for water and wastewater purification,

2. Used as a food additive. As a food additive, it can be used to thicken and stabilize the state of food and medicine.

3. Application in the field of medicine. Chitin can accelerate the healing of human wounds and has the advantages of good biocompatibility, no biotoxicity, low price, easy modification, and good mechanical strength.

4.Application in the field of makeup and beauty

Chitin has the effect of repairing cells, and can slow down allergic skin, activate cells, prevent cell aging, and promote cell regeneration.

5.Used in garment manufacturing.