White peony root extract is a powerful ingredient in natural skin care products. Its active ingredients, Peoniflorin and Paeonia lactiflora, are considered natural antioxidants and antispasmodics. They can even help with inflammatory skin conditions. In addition, they can also help with eye problems such as blurry vision, migraines, and blepharitis.You can find it as a powder, tincture in Riotto Botanical Co., Ltd.

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What are the applications of white peony root extract?

The active ingredient paeoniflorin has an inhibitory effect on certain pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Paeonia lactiflora extract’s inhibition of elastase, elimination of free radicals, inhibition of nitrogen oxide production and promotion of cathepsin activity, etc., all show that peony extract has skin-activating and anti-aging functions and can be used in anti-aging cosmetics. And it has the better moisturizing ability. It is a classic oriental whitening material.

The main functions of the peony root extract in cosmetics and skincare products are antioxidants, antibacterial agents, moisturizers, whitening, and freckle removal. It has broad application prospects and is worthy of further development and utilization.