Magnolia is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. Magnolia officinalis extract is a product extracted from dried root bark, stem bark or branch bark of Magnolia officinalis Magnoliaofficinalis. The color ranges from brownish-yellow to white fine powder. The extract usually contains magnolol and honokiol. Standardize. Our company can provide proportional products and 10%-98% magnolol. Other specifications can also be customized according to customer needs.

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What are the benefits of magnolia Bark Extract?

1. Good antibacterial properties. Studies have shown that Magnolia Bark extract has spectral antibacterial (antibacterial) effects, and has stable antibacterial properties, and is not easily damaged by heat, acid, and alkali.

2. Good anti-caries and anti-moth properties. Studies have shown that magnolol and honokiol have a good inhibitory effect on oral-related cariogenic bacteria.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties. The active ingredients of Magnolia officinalis have obvious inhibitory effect on important pro-inflammatory factors, such as inflammatory mediator interleukin, and thus have good anti-inflammatory properties.

4.Antioxidant. Magnolia Bark extract has a good antioxidant effect, which can prevent lipid peroxidation and delay aging.

What is magnolia bark extract used for?

1. Cosmetics and daily chemicals. It can be used for essence, facial mask, face cream, eye cream, body care, etc.

2. Daily chemicals. It can be used for toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.

3. Health products and medicines.