Sea buckthorn berry juice extract powder contains a wide range of nutrients, including Vitamins A and C. Its antioxidant properties are exceptional and have earned it the title of a superfruit. The berries contain 12 times the Vitamin C of oranges and are rich in other nutrients. Aside from their health benefits, It contains the highest concentration of Omega 7 and B12 of any known plant.

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Our factory sea buckthorn berry extract powder is of the highest quality and is made from freeze-dried berries For best results, choose organic. It is not only convenient but also delicious.Sea buckthorn juice powder is produced from sea buckthorn berries. It is a yellow powder with a slight odor and taste of sea buckthorn berries. It is 100% soluble in water, and the solvent will be light yellow to yellow liquid depending on the dosage rate used.

1.Sea buckthorn berry powder improved cardiovascular health. sea buckthorn berry powder is also great for dietary supplementation.

2. It is a popular supplement among people with high cholesterol.