Soybean isoflavones are a class of secondary metabolites formed during the growth of soybeans. It was isolated and extracted from soybeans for the first time in 1931. In 1962, it was first confirmed that soybean isoflavones were similar in structure to mammalian estrogen, and their possible anti-cancer effects were explained. A large number of studies after 1980 showed that soy isoflavones have obvious effects on the prevention and treatment of cancer, treatment of female menopausal syndrome, and prevention and treatment of female senile osteoporosis. In the 1990s, soy isoflavones began to be used in animal production and showed that It has a good production effect, so it is gradually valued by animal nutritionists.

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The function of soybean isoflavones:

1. Prevent cancer and anti-cancer soy isoflavone can cure and restrain some cancers concerning hormones, such as prostate cancer,galactophore cancer, etc.

2. Low cholesterin thickness in the human body,

prevent and cure cardiovascular illness soy isoflavone can prolong the antioxygenation time of low-density albumen, its anti-oxygenation effect is the same with vitamin e.

3. Cure woman menopause syndrome soy isoflavone is used in replacing therapeutics after menopause and has no side effects.

4. Prevent and cure osteoporosis soy isoflavone has some equal effects with estrogen, can prevent osteoporosis caused by estrogen bone absorption sthenic.