Bee pollen powder originates from flowers and is the pollen cluster brought back by bees when they gather nectar. It is favored for its natural health care value and beauty effect, and has gradually become the fourth largest bee health product after honey, propolis, royal jelly, etc. It contains a variety of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and also contains various types of bee health products. Kinds of enzymes and coenzymes, can resist aging, enhance exercise ability, etc.

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Main effects of bee pollen powder

1. Bee pollen powder can enhance the body’s comprehensive immune function and improve the body’s disease resistance.

2. Bee pollen powder can play a beautifying effect. After using bee pollen, the skin looks younger, less prone to wrinkles, smoother and healthier. ”

3. Bee pollen powder can stimulate the metabolic process.

4. Bee pollen powder can also eliminate people’s food cravings by increasing the value of each nutrient in the food. The active ingredient phenylalanine is a natural amino acid needed by the human body. It can play a role in the center of appetite balance, thereby controlling people’s hunger.

5. Bee pollen powder can regulate intestinal function.

6. Prevent cardiovascular disease.