Asparagus leaf extract powder is a natural product, yet it has shown some promise in a handful of scientific studies. The active ingredient in this particular extract is called flavonoids. These antioxidants seem to help protect against damage to DNA and cellular proteins. In addition, they also appear to help the body repair tissue damage that is caused by free radicals during exposure to environmental irritants such as smoke. Scientific studies on animals seem to indicate that asparagus leaf extract powder can help to prevent certain degenerative diseases, which are typically caused by excessive cell damage.

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Asparagus leaf extract powder may be effective for certain ailments and may prevent others. Since we now know that asparagus leaf extract powder is a powerful antioxidant, it may also help to prevent certain cancers. It has been studied in laboratory animals and appears to be effective in preventing tumor growth. As the mice and rats were prevented from developing tumors, their immune systems were protected as well.