For thousands of years, kakadu plum has been an important food and medicine for local residents. From March to June each year, Kakadu plum is harvested, and local residents eat it directly as a fruit. The sap of the Kakadu plum tree is used to treat arthritis, and the bark is used to treat skin burns, rashes and infections. Now it is used as jam. More are made into skin care products. For example, a very popular brand in Australia has pure Kakadu plum extract, which has a particularly good moisturizing effect and can also improve eczema in adults and infants.

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What are the modern applications of Kakadu plums?

Kakadu plum extract, which is rich in active ingredients, is now mainly used in skincare and hair care.

1. In terms of skincare, like a fruit with the highest vitamin C content, Kakadu plum extract is very good at naturally brightening and illuminating the skin, making the user’s complexion more radiant, and at the same time reducing those nasty dark spots. Spots and pigmentation. And it is rich in trace minerals and antioxidants, such as vitamin E, zinc, iron, folic acid, lutein, etc., which are also extremely beneficial to the health of the skin. They can prevent premature aging by fighting destructive free radicals, and by nourishing the skin, reducing the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles.

2.In the field of hair care, the nourishing effect of Kakadu plums on hair is also very significant. It can provide free radical protection to the bristles, thereby improving the health of the scalp and protecting the hair from environmental damage.