This product can significantly improve the frost resistance and durability of concrete. After tests, the number of freeze-thaw cycles for the internal concrete of the entity is more than 200 times, and the number of the external concrete is more than 300; at the same time, it can also improve the workability of concrete, especially in artificial Aggregate or natural sand particles are coarser, poorer in gradation, and are better used in lean cement concrete; improve bleeding and segregation of concrete; reduce concrete permeability and improve concrete anti-erosion ability.

Riotto is leading in tea saponin liquid air-entraining agent manufacturer, Liquid tea saponin air-entraining agent is a new generation of high-efficiency air-entraining agent, which can reduce the surface tension of the solution, produce closed and independent bubbles, high foaming ratio, a large number of bubbles, small bubble spacing, and long bubble stabilization time.

The scope of application tea saponin liquid air-entraining agent

1. Used in concrete structures that require high concrete durabilities (especially frost resistance), such as hydraulic engineering, port engineering, roads and bridges, and other important projects;
2. Concrete roads and bridges spreading deicing salt in the north;
3. Concrete projects with high requirements for construction and workability;
4. Because of its strong water solubility and strong compounding properties with other admixtures, it is an important part of the preparation of pumping agents and other composite admixtures, such as pumping concrete;
5. Combined with the water-reducing agents, it can play the role of air entrainment, improvement of workability, reduction of bleeding and settlement, and improvement of concrete durability (resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, impermeability) and corrosion resistance.