Capsicum extract mainly includes capsaicin (molecular weight 305), dihydrocapsaicin (molecular weight 307), etc., which have various effects such as analgesia, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial. Capsicum extract has a wide range of antibacterial activities, and capsaicin is the most important spicy substance and active ingredient. It is generally used in the food industry. It can be used as a seasoning, coloring, flavoring agent and fitness aid in the food industry. It can also be used as capsaicin for self-defense spray.

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Capsaicin is an extremely pungent vanillamide alkaloid. It is the main pungent chemical component in capsicum fruits, accounting for about 65% of the total capsaicin. It is mainly distributed in capsicum endosperm and the inner surface of the peel.

(1) The effect on the digestive system. Oral administration of capsaicin can be used as a stomachic agent, which can promote appetite and improve digestive function.

(2) Antibacterial and insecticidal effects. Capsaicin has a significant inhibitory effect on Bacillus cereus and Bacillus subtilis. 10%-20% pepper decoction has the effect of killing bed bugs.

(3) Redness effect. External use as a liniment has a redness effect on the skin, reflexively dilates local blood vessels in the skin, and promotes local blood circulation.

(4) Action on the circulatory system Spicy substances (ginger, pepper, especially pepper) can stimulate the taste receptors of the human tongue, reflexively cause blood pressure to rise (especially diastolic blood pressure), and have no obvious effect on the pulse.